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Foraging Wild Food & Reciprocity-10 Sept

With Anna Richardson and Ellie Fuller

  • 20 British pounds

FORAGING WILD FOOD & RECIPROCITY 10th September 2022 On this day we will walk the land and gather the wild berries, fruits, nuts and seeds gifted by nature in this season. We will explore the ancestral uses of important tree foods, their medicinal benefits and how this active participation in the cycles of nature offers us the opportunity to be part of a reciprocal relationship. We will learn how to gather from the plants with respect and honouring, though practical consideration and care, song and story. You will learn to prepare and cook this harvest on the fire and how to sort and store seeds for planting. This day leads into the following workshop ‘Forests from Seed’ and is open to all interested adults; it will particularly support those working with children in nature education. We recommend participating in both the foraging and forest from seed workshops. Who is the course suitable for? This workshop is for all adults with an interest in foraging wild food. It will support those working with children in outdoor education such as Forest School facilitators. The course will cover: -Learn how to gather wild foods as our ancestors once did. We will focus on the tree foods of the season such as nuts, berries and fruits. -Learn effective ways to correctly identify the individual species, how to identify poisonous species in your locality and suggest good identification books that are important as a resource in one’s personal foraging practice. -Learn simple respectful foraging practices with reciprocity at the heart. We will explore both practical approaches as well as nurturing a practice of gratitude. -Learn songs for some of the trees that we gather from and some of the old lore of the land around their food and medicines. -Learn simple ancestral cooking techniques as we return to the campfire and cook some foraged food together. We will explore how foraged food can supplement your diet with wonderful nutritional benefits. -Explore how to process nuts, berries and fruit and how to carefully save tree seeds for planting on the following days workshop; ‘Forests from Seed’. We highly recommend that people book onto both consecutive day courses as the ‘Forest from Seed’ course the following day (September 11th) completes our cycle of giving back to the trees for their generosity, by learning how to plant and germinate them.