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Tree Songs and Stories - 22nd May

with Anna Richardson and Jack Durtnall

  • 20 British pounds

TREE SONGS & STORIES 22nd May 2022, 10-4pm On this day we will walk the land and meet several species of trees. We will share stories and tree lore and learn some of the gifts of food and medicine that each tree offers. You will then be able to share this with friends and families or children that you work with. We will share songs that are part of a collection called the Song Forest that supports the Children’s Forest project in planting future forests. These songs have been created to be sung for and to the tress in celebration of them and the gifts they share. Singing is a wonderful way to connect with each other and nature; it opens the door to to a deeper relationship with the trees. This workshop is for adults and will support those working with children in outdoor education such as Forest School facilitators. The course will cover: Learn several songs and stories for native trees of this land. We will share lyrics and provide bare bones of the stories so that you will be able to go home and share with your family, friends and those you work with. Explore the old names and gifts of the trees as we share teas and food that they provide and touch upon their medicinal uses. An opportunity to create nourishing connection with others, to honour and celebrate the trees, engage with simple ceremony and have time to slow down and listen to the land. Forest School facilitators and nature mentors will learn song and story that will help children to have a deeper connection to the trees. This is an important aspect of the Children’s Forest approach. Cultivate a deep joy and contentment within that will help boost wellbeing and relieve stress. About the tutors: *Anna Richardson Anna has been a nature mentor and trained forest school leader for over 20 years, working with children of all ages and mentoring adults in plant lore, foraging, nature connection and bushcraft. The 8 Shields deeply informs Anna’s work and approach. She is passionate about connecting to nature through creativity and reverence for life and is also a forest school trainer through Circle of Life Rediscovery and has co-authored two books : Learning with Nature and The Children’s Forest and am the founder of the Children’s Forest. *Jack Durtnall Jack is an accomplished musician and music teacher. He is also an experienced nature mentor and trained forest school leader.